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Ketch All Multiple Catch Mouse Trap

Ketch All Multiple Catch Mouse Trap


Ketch-All Multiple Catch Mouse Trap.

The Ketch-All Multiple Catch Mousetrap made its debut in 1924 and has captured millions of mice over the years.


  • Automatically resets, capable of catching multiple mice in one setting.
  • User friendly mouse trap. Wind up and the mousetrap is ready.
  • Child and Pet safe mousetrap.
  • Reusable Mouse Trap.  Quality, durable galvanized steel housing for years of mouse trapping.
  • Sanitary mouse disposal. Captured mice are disposed of without contact.
  • Reliable mouse catcher. Tested and proven since 1924.
  • Made in the USA.
Well known for catching several mice at one setting it has been called: The Worlds Best Mouse Trap.   Proven to catch as many as fifteen pesky mice into its clutches at a time-without dangerous chemicals. That means it's not only efficient but safe to use around children and pets..The Ketch-All's design lets you empty the cage without ever having to touch anything unpleasant.

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