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6 Victor Rat Snap Trap including priority mail shipping

6 Victor Rat Snap Trap including priority mail shipping

$27.50 $32.60

This value pack is for six of the Victor Model M205 Rat Snap traps and includes Priority Mail shipping to any domestic USA address that the USPS delivers to.

Six Victor Snap type rat traps Model M205 with large yellow pan.

Also effective weasel traps.

Rat Trapping tips from the experts: Proper trap placement is essential for satisfactory results.  Rats run along walls and avoid open spaces.  Place traps perpendicular to wall with bait pedal facing wall.  Place traps where rat activity is seen chewed food packages where droppings accumulate.  Never handle a rat with unprotected hands.  Rats are known disease carriers and should be treated with caution.


  • Large expanded release pan for highest catch rates.
  • Non-poisonous involves no Chemicals.
  • Easy set design.
  • Made in the USA
  • Provides visible proof of rodent capture.
  • Disposable.
  • Made environmentally responsible from forest stewardship council certified wood.

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