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4 Victor Out O Sight Mole Trap with Free Priority Mail Shipping.

4 Victor Out O Sight Mole Trap with Free Priority Mail Shipping.

$53.00 $57.01

This is a great value for four traps and priority mail shipping.

When properly set this mole trap will work in all types of soil but is easiest to use in light or sandy soil. The Victor Out O Sight Mole Trap features strong malleable iron jaws.  Setting levers are included with each trap. Trap is fully assembled and ready to use.  Trap setting and trapping directions are included.

Victor Woodstream Model 0631

Warning: If you purchase an Out O Sight mole trap from any other vendor, you are advised to use a high speed wire brush to remove the powder coating from the end of the locking bar and the inside edge of the Trigger Pan.  The powder coating makes the action too delicate and may render the trap impossible to set and unsafe to handle. ALL Out O Sight Mole Traps purchased from Rodentman have the powder coating removed at these two points for your safety and improved trap functionality.


" My boyfriend and I have been trying to catch moles in my back yard and struggled for hours with the victor mole trap.  The trigger bar was too slick! Thankfully, we saw your video and were able to sand down the rod and it was set. We caught our first mole within the first day!! We couldn't be happier.  We wanted to thank you for your easy to follow video and great advice, and share our success with you. ..Fond regards." Steph and Tucker (See picture)

"I am so happy I am going to have a BIG drink tonight and toast you (my trapper) and the Out O'Sight Mole Traps. I got 2 moles already.  They are really BIG. No wonder they tear up my lawn....This is fun. I can't believe how exciting mole trapping is. ....thanks for your help." Andy

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