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3 Pro-Ketch Mouse Traps

3 Pro-Ketch Mouse Traps

$45.00 $51.00

This offer includes THREE of the Pro-Ketch Mouse Traps and Priority mail shipping to any address the USPS delivers to.

This professional quality multiple catch mouse trap is always set. The trap requires no re-setting or winding to catch mice.  The compact low profile design allows this mouse trap to be set under furniture, pallets and in confined areas.

Trapping tips: place trap tight against the wall with entrance hole next to wall  Place a Pro-Ketch Mouse Glue Board inside the trap to expedite trap maintenance (Pest Removal) and increase sanitation by holding foreign material such as feces, hair and potentially airborne particles in place.


  • Compact size
  • Durable. Galvanized steel for years of mouse maintenance.
  • Made in the USA, Kness Mfg Co., Inc
  • Easy maintenance. Clear lid for fast, clean inspection.
  • Uses no poisons or harmful chemicals.
  • Clean. May be used in USDA and FDA inspected facilities.
  • Easy to use and reuse.
  • Multiple mouse capture in one setting.
  • Clear lid to inspect without opening.

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