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Big Snap-E Rat Traps.  013B

Big Snap-E Rat Traps. 013B


The Big Snap-E Rat Trap is a better rat snap trap.  Safe and simple to operate.  This is perhaps the ultimate rat snap trap. Use this trap for weasel and chipmunks.

"The Kness Big Snap-E rat trap is also an excellent weasel trap." from 

Trapper's Post magazine article.  "Trapping Weasels" by Trapper's Post magazine staff.

Rat Trapping tips from the experts: Proper trap placement is essential for satisfactory results.  Rats run along walls and avoid open spaces.  Place traps perpendicular to wall with bait pedal facing wall.  Place traps where rat activity is seen chewed food packages where droppings accumulate.  Never handle a rat with unprotected hands.  Rats are known disease carriers and should be treated with caution.


  • Can be stabilized or surface mounted with the pre-formed mounting holes in the rat trap base.
  • Steal Proof. Pre-formed rat bait cap contains bait in any environment and is steal proof.
  • Simple-the ease of setting the trap is clearly superior.
  • Safe-your fingers need never be near the snapping end of the trap.
  • Built to last. the durability of polystyrene and steel makes the Snap-E reusable and virtually indestructible for years of use.
  • Efficient-the unique bait post and large trip paddle means rodents are caught immediately upon contact.
  • Made in the USA by Kness Mfg, co. Inc.
  • Sanitary to operate. Set the trap and release rats without touching the pest or the strike bar. Steel and polystyrene is durable and easy to clean.

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